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You’re a busy professional with big plans. Emphasis on busy.

You know the plans you’re hatching should include new collateral, but that item on your to-do list keeps getting pushed to the bottom. Who has time for that anyway?

I get it – finding extra time to create new collateral for your organization can be tough! 

But have you ever wondered what’s happening because your design materials aren’t up to snuff? 

Do you ever worry that you’re losing leads because your brand doesn’t stand out against the competition?

Have you considered that the design of your brand isn’t conveying trust, or is making your organization look amateur?

Have you noticed that your customers are aging and you need to connect with a younger demographic?

Or maybe the event you’ve been planning for months is right around the corner, and your marketing materials don’t look unique enough to catch people’s attention?

Christa Rensel, Owner and Creative

That’s where I come in. 

I work as a sidekick to business owners, entrepreneurs, & non-profits.

Together, we’ll craft a bundle of collateral that is as unique as you are, speaks directly to your customers, and is infused with personality to make a great first (and second, third, and fourth) impression.

A Few Happy Clients

A selection of creative projects for your viewing pleasure:

Design is about more than just making things pretty; at its heart, it's about how we engage and interact with others.

I believe design is:

  1. Taking an ‘empathy first’ approach to business
  2. Creating seamless interactions between customers and your organization
  3. A process of problem solving to find the best solution possible
  4. Better when it’s collaborative 
  5. More valuable when it’s actionable

"Christa is an amazing designer, leader and team player. She is forward-thinking, able to clearly articulate her vision and strategic in her approach. Her most outstanding quality is her integrity. If you have a chance to work alongside Christa, no doubt it will be a great experience!"
– Jill Healey, Reagan Healey